Incense : Ayurvedic tradition in the modern world

Incense : Ayurvedic tradition in the modern world

Amidst the bustling bazaars and serene temples, the soul-stirring essence of incense beckons, a silent poet unravelling the verses of bygone eras. It is the spirit of sandalwood embraced by the earth, the warmth of jasmine lingering in the breath of the breeze. Each wisp of fragrant smoke carries with it the whispers of ancestors, a mystical journey through time's forgotten corridors.


Burning incense has been a long tradition in South Asian culture. Incense, Agarbatti, Nag Champa or Utupatti have different names across the different regions of South Asia.

Ayurveda, an ancient medical science, utilises natural ingredients in specific proportions for various therapeutic purposes. Traditional use of Ayurvedic incense extends beyond herbal consumption, involving methods like aromatherapy.

While many associate Ayurveda with ingesting herbs, it incorporates deeper practices, such as the therapeutic use of incense. In regions across South Asia, Ayurvedic incense is commonly witnessed during ceremonies or worship, acting as a therapeutic medium through fragrance or smoke.

The materials used in making incense are categorised into different classes according to their inherent nature and characteristics.

Herbs and fragrances such as sandalwood, wood and flowers are commonly used in Ayurvedic tradition.

Incense is typically perfumed from a mixture of ground spices and made guided by Ayurvedic principle and the 5 different classes, namely:

  • Ether (fruits – e.g. star anise);
  • Water (stems and branches e.g. – frankincense);
  • Earth (roots – e.g. turmeric);
  • Fire (flowers – e.g. clove); and
  • Air (leaves – e.g. patchouli).

These naturally represent the 5 elements. 

The natural aromas of incense has been proven to improve one's mood, help the mind focus and centred. Hence, many cultures and religions light incense first thing in the morning or during time of prayer. Once the calming environment is created, concentration and focus is heightened.

Our incense candle features fragrance notes of Sandalwood, Patchouli and Clove. It pays homage to Ayurveda and a rich culture that continues to burn brighter with every generation. 

Bring home a traditional scent that grounds, focuses and clears the mind.

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