About us

A Pinch of Roshni is inspired and dedicated to my Maa (mother), Roshni, who always made sure our culture and traditions were inculcated into our lives.

Roshni means light and I've grown up watching my Maa spread light and love wherever she goes and to whoever she meets.

Whether you are buying our products for your own home or as a gift, we hope that they fill the homes they are going to with light and love, and a bit of nostalgia for South East Asia.

Every product that we sent out is personally made with love from environmentally friendly products with a hope to make a small difference for our people and planet. 5% of all profits from A Pinch of Roshni will be donated to those in need in our homeland.

We are so grateful for our culture, our heritage and the generations that have allowed us to enjoy these products in the 21st Century. We hope you love our products as much as we do!